Step inside a lush 2-story container home with a shabby-chic living room

Created from five shipping containers, Debbie Glassberg's home, constructed with the help of BNIM, is a dreamy, two-story residence that looks nothing like the containers it began life as. With two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a garden, and a patio, the home is obviously on the bigger side, but it's such a luxurious and beautiful space that it truly deserves a tour.
Glassberg, an industrial designer who works for Mattel, wanted to create a sustainable, energy-efficient, affordable, and gorgeous home, so using shipping containers was the right idea. The planet-friendly home uses features like geothermal heating and plant foam insulation to lessen its carbon footprint. The home is drenched in color, and each room has its own feel, creating a stylish, chic setting for everyday life. From the moment you enter the home, it's evident that someone who knows about style lives here.
The open floor plan makes for a spacious design, and the aqua walls add a soothing pop of color to the living room and dining room area. The dining room, filled with sunlight streaming in from the floor-to-ceiling windows, has space for eight diners.
The living room, decorated in shades of gold, aqua, and brown, is a tranquil place to unwind at the end of the day. Featuring couches, chairs, and end and coffee tables, the room also includes a small table that's perfect for family game night and snacks. Mirrors are a design secret that makes a room feel even larger.
The galley kitchen offers energy-efficient appliances, including two ovens, a microwave, refrigerator, and double sink. The open window/bar lets the chef see into the dining room and gives the kitchen an airy feel. White appliances and counters add a clean, fresh look to the room. Pendant lighting adds elegance to the gorgeous space.
Small details in the home make it even more appealing and functional, such as these built-in shelves that hold books and knickknacks. One bedroom also functions as an office, with a double bed as well as a desk.
The master bedroom offers a king-sized bed and beautiful hardwood floors. A door leads outside, and simple but stunning pieces, like artwork, a shabby trunk, and an aqua table, enhance the space and create visual appeal.
The bathroom, not usually a contender for the favorite room in any home, definitely makes the cut. Its bold, bright, and cheerful aqua fixtures, double vanity, and garden bathtub make it highly appealing. A separate stand-up shower is a nice touch.
The colorful sinks look so fun to use that even brushing your teeth would put a smile on your face. Comfortable seats on either side of the sink make it easy to sit down to put on shoes or take a break from makeup, and an oversized mirror lets you see everything you need to.
The walk-in closet is a dream. Built-in shelves hold shoes and accessories, while drawers underneath offer space for folded clothes, socks, or other items.
The TV room provides a getaway from the rest of the home for those who wish to steal away and watch TV for awhile. The pink lipstick room is also simply adorable! Funky decorations, a colorful chandelier, and a comfortable couch make this room a pleasure just to walk into.
The exterior of the home is just as appealing as the interior. A front deck adorns the outside of the home as you board the stairs to the front door, and a garden offers edibles as well as ambiance.
One of the most beautiful and hidden portions of this magical house is the outdoor rooftop garden. This two-story home is the perfect place for Glassberg and her family, and she hopes to help other families build similar homes.
You can take the tour guided by designer Debbie Glassberg in the video below:

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